Student Handbook

Academic Policies and Regulations

Academic Standing

The faculty assumes that every student admitted to Hamilton will be able to qualify for graduation. However, the opportunity to continue at Hamilton is a privilege that a student must earn by academic achievement. A student separated from the College for academic deficiency (see below) is not in good academic standing. A student on academic probation (see below) is not in good academic standing but remains eligible for financial aid.

Hamilton reserves the right, at any time, to suspend for any period or to separate from the College any student whose academic performance or personal conduct on or off campus is, in the sole judgment of the College, unsatisfactory or detrimental to the best interests of the College. Neither the College, nor any of its trustees, officers, faculty or administrative staff shall be subject to any liability whatsoever on account of such suspension or separation. A student who is separated or suspended from the College or who withdraws is required to leave campus within 48 hours, unless permission to remain longer is granted by the dean of students.

Academic Warnings

Instructors may at any time during the term submit written reports for all students whose standing in a course is unsatisfactory (borderline or failing). Students and their advisors receive copies of these warnings. A student who receives two or more such warnings in the same semester must consult with the associate dean of students (academic).

Class Status

The Registrar's Office determines class status by the number of courses a student has completed satisfactorily.

Academic Probation

The Committee on Academic Standing will place on academic probation for the succeeding semester a student whose substandard achievement is reflected in the semester's final grades in any of the following ways:

  1. failure in a full-credit course in each of two consecutive semesters;
  2. receiving grades below C- in courses totaling two or more units;
  3. failure to maintain a cumulative average of 72 or higher in those grades earned since accumulating 16 credits (including AP, transfer and HEOP credits);
  4. failure in any course (whether for full or partial credit) by a student on probation;
  5. failure in a Sophomore Seminar, except in the case where the student has already successfully completed another Sophomore Seminar in a previous semester or during the current term. (Applies to the Class of 2009 and earlier);
  6. failure to complete successfully a Sophomore Seminar by the end of the first semester of the junior year and for every semester thereafter that the requirement is not completed. (Applies to the Class of 2009 and earlier).

A student who is on academic probation is ineligible for study abroad. The Committee on Academic Standing may also prevent or limit participation by students on academic probation in prize competitions, intercollegiate athletics and other extracurricular activities, including the holding of offices in chartered undergraduate organizations.

The Committee on Academic Standing will normally recommend that a student's degree be withheld for one year if a senior's record during the final semester at Hamilton would have resulted in probation.

Suspension from the College for Academic Deficiency

The Committee on Academic Standing will normally suspend from the College for a period of one year a student who has:

  1. failed two or more full-credit courses during a semester; or
  2. accumulated failures in a total of five courses; or
  3. incurred a third academic probation.

A student suspended for academic deficiency will be notified in writing of the committee's decision, the reasons for the suspension, the length of the suspension and the conditions under which he or she will be considered for readmission to the College.

A student readmitted from a suspension for academic deficiency will be placed on academic probation for the semester immediately following readmission.

Expulsion from the College for Academic Deficiency

The Committee on Academic Standing will normally expel from the College any student who is readmitted from an academic suspension and whose record subsequent to readmission makes him or her subject to academic probation or to another suspension.

Expulsion is permanent dismissal from the College. A student who is expelled may not be readmitted and will have no further opportunity to qualify for a degree from Hamilton.

Permanent Record

A student who is suspended or expelled from the College as a consequence of an action taken by the Committee on Academic Standing (academic failure), the Judicial Board (social infractions) or the Honor Court (academic dishonesty) will have recorded on his or her permanent transcript a note explaining the reason or reasons for the suspension or expulsion as follows: "suspended (or expelled) from the College on (date)_______________for the reason of _______________."