Student Handbook

Academic Policies and Regulations

Suspension, Withdrawal and Readmission

Academic Suspension

A student suspended for academic deficiency will be notified in writing of the decision of the Committee on Academic Standing, the reasons for suspension, the length of the suspension and the conditions under which he or she will be considered for readmission to the College. A student readmitted from a suspension for academic deficiency will be placed on academic probation for the semester immediately following readmission.

Disciplinary Suspension

Students may be suspended from the College for disciplinary reasons. Readmission to the College after the semester of suspension is not automatic, but requires application to the dean of students. A student readmitted from suspension for disciplinary reasons will normally be placed on disciplinary probation for the semester immediately following readmission. Readmission will normally be denied if the conditions specified at the time of suspension have not been met. Hamilton reserves the right to defer readmission if space is not available.


Students who leave Hamilton while a semester is in progress or at the end of the semester, and who do not wish to return at a future date, are required to formally withdraw from the College by meeting with the associate dean of students (academic) and following the proper exit procedures.


Former students or students who have completed withdrawal procedures may apply to the dean of admission for readmission to the College. Applications for readmission are to be submitted at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester in which the student wishes to return.

Continuation at Hamilton

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $500, deductible from the fall tuition bill, is required of all students who intend to continue at Hamilton. This fee is due by April 1 of each year. It may be refunded up to May 1; after that date it is forfeited.


Preregistration is held in November for the following spring semester and in April for the following fall semester. In order to preregister for the fall semester, students must have paid the registration fee. Students who have not preregistered may be withdrawn from the College.

Housing Lottery

In order to continue in college housing, returning students select their rooms for the next academic year through the housing lottery at the end of the spring semester. In order to be eligible, students must have paid the registration fee, have their accounts clear and have preregistered for classes for the fall semester. The housing lottery information booklet, published in the middle of the spring semester, contains additional requirements pertaining to the process and student eligibility.

Students wishing to live off campus must participate in a separate process which is normally offered only to rising seniors. Any permission to live off campus is granted on a yearly basis only. Students are advised to not sign a lease until they have been granted permission to move off campus by the College during the spring.

Meal Plan Placement

Each student must participate in a meal plan while classes are in session. All first-year and sophomore students must participate in the 21-meal plan. Most junior and senior students will participate in the 7-, 14- or 21-meal plan, depending on where they live. Certain housing locations permit students to take fewer meals in the dining halls. However, all students (including off-campus residents), at a minimum, must participate in the seven-meal plan. Students with medical restrictions need to consult with the Director of Residential Life.

Student Records

College regulations defining access to student records under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ("Buckley Law") can be found online at www.hamilton.edu/applications/catalogue/ferpa.html.