1. Students over 21 years of age who have attended the Social Host Preparation Workshop and TIPS Training may host social events with alcohol in College designated areas provided the events are conducted in accordance with the following policies:

  2. Events must be registered and implemented in accordance with the regulations set forth by the Student Activities Office. The two approved on campus locations for Social Events with Alcohol are the Tolles Pavilion (Annex) and the Bristol Center Hub.

  3. Provision and consumption of alcohol must comply with Hamilton College policy and New York State law, which prohibits dispensing alcohol to anyone under the age of 21, or to any visibly intoxicated person. The social host(s) will be held personally and individually accountable for ensuring that the event is conducted in a safe, responsible, and legal manner, in accordance with these regulations. Social hosts who violate these regulations will be subject to disciplinary action through the College judicial process that may include separation from the College. Social hosts may also be subject to criminal sanctions and/or civil liability if a person to whom alcohol is served injures a third party. In addition, organizations may also be held accountable for events that violate these regulations.

  4. The hosts of student-sponsored events with alcohol are responsible for the actions of their guests, whether invited or uninvited, and will be held responsible for damages to the area where the event is held, as well as entries and bathrooms used by guests. All events must be conducted in a safe, responsible, and legal manner that is not disruptive to the surrounding area. Campus Safety will close any gathering that fails to meet this requirement and disciplinary action will follow.

  5. The yellow copy of the Social Host Responsibility Form (SHRF) will be attached to the clipboard that the social host picks up from the Sadove Information Desk. It must be easily accessible throughout the duration of the event. Failure to provide this document for reference by a college official may result in termination of the event.

  6. The social host(s) must be present at all times while alcohol is available and/or served.

  7. The social host(s) will refrain from consuming alcohol and remain sober for the duration of the event.

  8. The social host(s) will not exceed the amount of alcohol approved on the Social Host Responsibility Form (SHRF).

  9. The social host(s) and sponsoring organization are responsible for enforcing the NO SMOKING policy in College facilities. This includes e-cigarettes and vape pens.

  10. Members of the sponsoring organization must staff the entrance to the event at all times.

  11. Proper identification indicating that a guest is 21 years of age must be presented before alcohol is served. Hamilton College Little Pub Accepted Identification cards are the preferred form of identification.

  12. Hosts must identify students of legal drinking age with bracelets provided by the Student Activities Office.

  13. Only TIPS-trained servers may dispense alcohol to any person at the event.

  14. Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be easily accessible and provided in quantities appropriate for the number in attendance.

  15. The sale of alcohol, including charging admission at the door of an event where alcohol is distributed free of charge, IS PROHIBITED. It is illegal to sell alcohol without an Alcoholic Beverage Control License from the New York State Liquor Authority.

  16. College funds may not be used to purchase alcohol unless the alcohol is served by a third-party, licensed vendor.

  17. Social events with alcohol may not be scheduled during New Student Orientation, reading, or exam periods.

  18. Alcohol may not be served after 2 a.m.

  19. Cleanup of the area must be completed immediately following the event.

  20. Public advertising (including campus email announcements) of events may not mention alcohol.

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