Many Voices, One Hamilton

Hamilton's Curriculum

Unlimited Possibilities

Hamilton students have the freedom — and responsibility — to chart their own course of study with the guidance and support of faculty mentors. From their first introductory class to the culminating Senior Program, students are challenged to identify, analyze and articulate critical issues.

Nearly every college in America has some form of core curriculum or distribution requirements. Hamilton does not. We believe that highly motivated students learn more and better when they are enrolled in courses that genuinely interest them. We trust our students to explore the breadth of the curriculum not because they are required to do so, but instead because they possess a true desire to learn.

Along the way, faculty advisors work closely with students to craft a unique, individual academic plan based upon each student's strengths, interests and goals. Students are challenged to stretch outside their comfort zones, but, in the end, assume ultimate responsibility for their own educational journey.