• Activate Your Account

    You can expect an email from identity@hamilton.edu with a unique claim code.

    screenshot of Rapid ID login
  • Wireless Access

    Your account will give you access to Hamilton’s wireless internet.

    Mobile Device Configuration

    You can configure your mobile device to sync with your Hamilton account.

  • Problems?

    Reach out to the Help Desk at 315-859-4181, email or visit us on the first floor of Burke Library.

    Account Security

    Your account will be automatically enrolled in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication.

Managing Your Account

You will receive an account claim email from the Identity management system to enroll in Rapid Identity as your first step towards digital engagement with our campus.

You will start the claim process by visiting the Rapid Identity Portal directly, or from the link in your account claim email. From there, select CLAIM MY ACCOUNT using the username and unique claim code from the claim email. You'll be prompted to set a new password that meets the criteria set forth in our Password Policy.

**NOTE** the username and unique claim code cannot be used to log in to Rapid Identity -- a failed login message is returned.

Once you've set a password, your account is activated and ready for use. You can test your new credentials by visiting My Hamilton and logging in using your Hamilton username and the password you just created.

Duo logoYour account will be automatically enrolled in Duo Multi-Factor Authentication as a second layer of protection for your account. Duo can leverage a personal mobile device as a second layer of authentication. Having a smartphone makes for an easier/more secure experience and is the preferred method. If you do not have a smartphone, please contact the Help Desk.

You are required to activate Google’s 2-step verification for your email account. Doing so will prevent cybercriminals from accessing your account, even if they possess your password.

Rapid ID screenshot of changing passwordYou may change your password any time by logging in to the Rapid Identity portal and changing your password. Remember that your email, network, Blackboard and WebAdvisor passwords are all synchronized to use the same password. 

With any password change, remember to update any instances of saved passwords used to access your email or connect to the College wireless network.

Once your account has been activated, you can access your email by logging in to https://gmail.com or by visiting http://my.hamilton.edu. In order to access your email through My Hamilton you must first grant access via the link in the Email channel.

To configure your mobile device for email, please visit the Syncing Your Mobile Device page.

To configure your mobile device for wireless access, please visit the Secure Wireless Configuration page.

To configure your personally-owned computer for Hamilton’s wireless network, please visit the Secure Wireless Configuration page.

Certain College systems and services are only available on-campus. If you are off-campus, you can request access to connect to Hamilton's Virtual Private Network (VPN). More information on Hamilton's VPN.

Good account security depends on keeping your account ID and password private. If your password is easily obtained or discovered, it puts the college network and all of your electronic resources at risk. More information can be found in the College's Password Policy.

Use of the College's systems and services are subject to all applicable guidelines and policies, including the Appropriate Use of IT Resources Policy. More policies, guidelines, and procedures can be found on the LITS Policies Page and the College's Policy Page.

The Rapid Identity portal enables users to directly request access to certain resources or systems, rather than waiting for an administrator or system manager to assign them manually. Upon approval, access is granted seamlessly.

How It Works
  1. User Request: Through the Rapid Identity portal, end users can search for and request specific entitlements (terminology in portal) found in their Catalog.
  2. Approval Workflow: Depending on the entitlement being requested, the request might be automatically approved or may be forwarded for review before access is granted.
  3. Access Grant: Once approved, the system grants the requested access to the user, notifying them of the update.
Access to Rapid Identity CatalogRapid Identity screenshot of Entitlements

Log in to Rapid Identity

Once you have logged in to the portal:

  1. Select REQUESTS from the top blue drop-down bar.
  2. Select CATALOG from the left sidebar.
  3. Select from the available entitlements using the checkmark. 
  4. Click REQUEST at the bottom. 

Protecting Your Account

Safeguard Your Credentials

Ensure that your username and password are kept confidential and not shared with anyone. This will help prevent unauthorized access to your account and protect sensitive information.

Keep Contact Information Updated

In case of any changes to your contact information, such as email address or phone number, please update it promptly within the account settings to ensure seamless communication and account recovery options.

Use Resources Responsibly

Adhere to the College’s Appropriate Use of IT Resources Policy and utilize digital resources responsibly and ethically.

Stay Informed

Keep yourself updated with any changes or updates to the Rapid Identity Cloud system and its services through official communication channels provided by the College.


If you experience problems with your Hamilton account, please reach out to the LITS Help Desk via phone at 315-859-4181, opening a new ticket by emailing us at helpdesk@hamilton.edu, or visiting us on the first floor of Burke Library.


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