Even as a first-year student you may get the chance to do research during the academic year and over the summer. Many Hamilton chemistry students pursue summer research on campus, at other colleges and in government labs.

Leah Krause ’14 present her research at the 11th Molecular Educational Research Consortium in Undergraduate Computational chemistRY (MERCURY) conference at Bucknell University.

A student’s initiative: landing a national grant

Chemistry major Leah Krause ’14 needed an extra chunk of computer time to continue her research with Assistant Professor of Chemistry Adam Van Wynsberghe. Their work focuses on a protein that is part of the influenza virus and on how a variety of small molecules bind to the protein.

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Alex Thompson '13

A graduate’s progress: study at Yale

Alex Thompson ’13 went from Hamilton College to Yale University to earn a doctorate in chemistry. When he attains that, he wants to work in industry to develop new therapeutic drugs.

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