Middle East and Islamic World Studies

You will explore language, literature, politics and religion in the interdisciplinary course of study. You will find courses as diverse as Islam and Modernity in South Asia and Principles of Geoscience: Geology of Human Events in North Africa and the Middle East.

Will Boudreau '14 (left) participates in discussion during his Arabic class.
Will Boudreau '14, left, participates in discussion during his Arabic class.

A student’s new interest: Arabic, for the future

On a whim, Will Boudreau ’14 took an Arabic language class sophomore year at Hamilton College. “When I started taking the language we studied the language but we also focused a lot on sort of the culture and the politics and the societies of the Middle East,” he says. He was intrigued. “I think with the open curriculum I was able to just take something like Arabic and it really struck an interest, and I was able to go with it,” he says.


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Redwan Saleh ’13
Redwan Saleh '13

A graduate’s progress: the path to law school

Redwan Saleh ’13, who majored in government and minored in Middle Eastern and Islamic world studies, works as a corporate legal assistant in a Manhattan law firm. Longer term, he plans to earn a law degree and work to promote civil rights nationally or internationally. His Hamilton College professors and his study abroad, he says, inspired his aspirations and passions.

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