Research will be central to your studies, and as a neuroscience major, by senior year you will be ready to delve into an in-depth research project. You will find opportunity to excel outside the classroom, for instance getting a grant to conduct summer research with a professor or coauthoring a paper that is published in a scholarly journal.

Ben Mittman '18, intended neuroscience major in the neuroscience lab in the Taylor Science Center
Ben Mittman '18, intended neuroscience major in the neuro lab in the Taylor Science Center

A student’s chance at first-year research

After only a semester at Hamilton College, Benjamin Mittman ’18 decided to ask his psychology professor for an opportunity to do research with him. Mittman, a pre-med student and intended neuroscience major, says the class was so small he’d gotten comfortable enough with Assistant Professor of Psychology Ravi Thiruchselvam to broach the subject. It worked out: Mittman ended up working with Thiruchselvam, including in a summer position. That was just the type of experience Mittman had hoped for in college. “I didn’t just want to be a face in the crowd in a 200-person lecture just learning the material. I wanted to be able to participate in research and have conversations, get to know my professors,” he says.

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Nathaly Francois ’04
Nathaly François '04

A graduate’s progress: a medical degree

Nathaly François ’04 knew since childhood that she wanted to be a physician. At Hamilton College she majored in neuroscience and planned to be a neurosurgeon, but in medical school she discovered her true passion – urology. She is a urology resident at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

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