Cinema and Media Studies

The goal of Hamilton's Cinema and Media Studies Program is to blend study in film history and theory while providing students opportunities to pursue their own artistic visions through the uses of new technology.

In today's digital world, moving images extend far beyond the traditional movie screen. Cinema and Media Studies explores film as an “intellectual nexus” — a way of thinking about the world across boundaries. And because film studies at Hamilton is combined with new media, students have opportunities to see the broader context of imagery and text in the production of knowledge and culture. Courses from throughout the curriculum examine the ways religion, race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, class, the natural environment and other social and physical forces are represented and explored in cinema and new media as artistic expression.

Through the interdisciplinary concentration in cinema and media studies, students pursue historical and theoretical study and/or create photochemical, electronic and digital media as they construct or express individual artistic visions and cultural identities. Students analyze the uses of technology in representing and constructing knowledge by means of performance, programming or participation in the creation of multi-media documents and hands-on experience in class assignments. Courses in the program blend film history and theory, and focus on genres ranging from avant-garde to documentary film.