The goal of Hamilton's Japanese Program is to emphasize language proficiency while introducing students to Japanese literature, film, culture and society.

Japanese has become one of the most widely taught foreign languages in the United States. It has assumed critical importance in a wide range of professions and interests, from politics and diplomacy to business, education and cutting-edge technology. But the recent growth of the Pacific Rim as an economic and technological giant in world affairs has spurred a fascination with the region's cultures as well as a practical interest in its languages. Hamilton serves these various needs through a minor in Japanese, offered through the East Asian Languages and Literatures Department’s Japanese Program, and a major in the Asian Studies Program’s Japan Studies track

The study of Japanese at Hamilton emphasizes language proficiency while introducing students to Japanese culture and society through courses taught in English. The language program provides rigorous and intensive training in reading, writing and speaking Japanese. Upper-level language courses are conducted entirely in Japanese. The non-language courses in English include the study of literature, film, media, linguistics, art, and history.