Asian Studies

The Senior Program

The Senior Program is the culminating intellectual experience at Hamilton, in which the knowledge, language skills and insights gained in the first three years are combined and integrated. The centerpiece of the Senior Program is the senior project; majors work independently, with the close guidance of at least two faculty members, to produce and present a final, focused work of scholarship.

Recent projects in Asian studies include:

  • Profiteering in the Market of Dreams: Investigating the Value of Sex Work in Japan's Historic Pleasure Quarters
  • Memories of Catastrophe: Narratives from Hiroshima to Fukushima
  • In search of the feminine 'ideal' through anime in the 1990s
  • Godzilla and the Bomb: Fears Become Films
  • Reclaiming Japan: Trauma and Narrative in The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
  • Receiving an Education in China: The Effects of Policy on Cultures of Learning
  • The Empire Comes Home: A Secular Government Attempts to Govern a Multi-cultural Society (Research on British policies toward Sikhs)
  • Comparison of Chinese and Western medical practices with field work in Yunnan and Tibet
  • Chinese Films and Society: A New Interactive Approach to Learning about Chinese Culture (developing a multi-media experience of Chinese film)
  • The Disparity between Urban and Rural China (with field work in rural China)
  • Study of Christian documents in China from the seventh to the eleventh centuries
  • Checking the Pulse of Indian Art: An Examination of Modernity in Contemporary Indian Art (travel to art museums and interviews with contemporary artists in India)
  • Development of interactive computer programs for Chinese language learning
  • The Quest of Self: Japan's Ideological Battle Against China
  • The Rise of Chinese and Japanese Nationalism
  • Taiwan or the ROC: The Question of Independence
  • Textbook Controversies in Japan
  • No Longer the 'Mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party'
  • Jia Bao-yu's Rejection of his Role as a Confucian Male
  • Article IX of Japan's Constitution and the Common Defense: Boon or Boondoggle?
  • Orientalism in Historiography on the Period of Ideological Transition in China: 1890-1920
  • The Tibetans will Live Happily in the Great Land of Tibet
  • An Examination of the Government-Business Relationship in Japan since the Meiji Restoration