Comparative Literature

The Senior Program

All majors in comparative literature participate in an intensive senior seminar, during which they work closely with faculty members on areas of their research expertise. In addition seniors are encouraged to pursue — and those seniors interested in departmental honors are required to complete — a senior project, which leads to the writing of a senior thesis. Carried out under the close supervision of a faculty member, the senior thesis represents a culmination of each student's undergraduate experience; it synthesizes coursework, discussion and personal reflection into a focused statement of intellectual growth and insight.

Recent projects in comparative literature include:

  • Arianne Bergman, Poetry and Motion: The Experience of Technology in Proust
  • The Stereoscopic Lens: Habit and Possession in the Bedrooms of Proust
  • Emplotting the Self and the Live/Tell Paradox
  • A Land Ethic: Thought and Action in Environmental Literature
  • Politicized Pregnancies: The Failure of the Roe Decision
  • Northstar Gets Resurrected at the End: Queer Comics and the Rise of Gay Superheroes
  • Women on Women: Late 20th Century Korean Short Fiction
  • Predatory Pages: Canis Lupis in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature
  • Plotting Narrative: Visual Models for Literary Analysis
  • Gone With the Wind and the Contemporary Romance Genre: Quality Literature and the Redefinition of a Classic
  • Literary Listening: The Rhetorical Function of Music Criticism in Fiction
  • There is No Revolutionary Art Without Revolutionary Form
  • One Art: Bridging the Ekphrastic Divide
  • Literary Theorems: Spatial Narrative in Borges and Stoppard
  • Secularisms, Gandhi, & Society
  • Ma'am on the Run: Exploring the Sung Narrative of the Classic Blues Women
  • Stop; Wait; Slow Down; I'm Bored: Narrative Speed in the One-Day Novel
  • Why Soldiers' Pay Should Be Taught in School
  • Joseph Brodsky and Sergei Davlatov: Exiles Writing about Home
  • Psychology, Philosophy and Religion in Yukio Mishima’s The Temple of the Golden Pavilion
  • What is the 'Male Gaze' in Hollywood’s Suspense/Thriller Genre and How is it Being Subverted?
  • 'Once Upon a Time in A Country With No Name...': The Role of Language, Oral Narration, and Time and the Traditions of Imperialism and Resistance in Ngugi's Matigari
  • The Elevation of an Elephant: A Critique of the Social and Political Implications of the 'Education' of Babar