The Senior Program

The Senior Program in geosciences is a two-semester course in which majors plan and pursue an independent senior project under the close supervision of at least one faculty member. The senior project is an integrating, culminating experience that draws on the skills and knowledge acquired in the first three years; for many students, it represents graduate-level work.

Recent projects in geosciences include:

  • A Laboratory Exercise for Paleontology: Environmental Analysis Using Invertebrate Fossils
  • Measuring the Matrix: An Analysis of Elemental Composition in Cultural Sediments from the Slocan Narrows Pithouse Village, Upper Columbia River Drainage, British Columbia, Canada
  • Hydrograph separation using the chemical mass-balance method
  • Investigation of folds and faults in Eocene carbonates of the Serai Formation using satellite imagery, Western Desert, Egypt
  • Structural Analysis of NNE-SSW Ridges in the Western Desert, Egypt Using Remote Sensing Data
  • Hydrogeology of a kettle lake, Madison, NY
  • Cosmogenic Radionuclide and Optically Stimulated Luminescence Dating of Surficial Random Scatter Archaeological Sites in Namibia
  • A chemical and petrographic characterization of fine-grained volcanic rocks in the Upper Columbia River Drainage
  • A Meteorological Analysis of the Winter 2011-2012: Correlating the North Atlantic Oscillation and the Arctic Oscillation to New York's Winter Weather
  • Multibeam, seismic, and sediment core analysis of seafloor morphology and ice regime in the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica
  • Characterization of Structural Features of Three Localities within the Western Desert of Egypt
  • Geologic Enrichment Program for the Third Grade of the Jefferson School, Utica, New York
  • Grain Size Analysis in the Palmer Deep, Antarctica: High Resolution Paleoclimate Record of the Holocene SE Pacific, Bellingshausen Sea
  • Environmental Justice: A Module to Teach an Inner City Earth Science Class
  • Geology of the Baker Islands, Penobscot Bay, Maine
  • Paleoenvironmental Development of the Eastern Shoreline of Oneida Lake, New York
  • Evidence from Surficial Mapping, Aerial Photography, and Shallow Geophysics Studies in Shallow Seismic Refraction
  • An Investigation of a Previously Unstudied Region of the Lake Char/Honey Hill Fault System in the Old Mystic Quadrangle, North Stonington, Connecticut
  • The Schollaert Sediment Drift: An Ultra High Resolution Paleoenvironmental Archive in the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica