The Senior Program

The senior seminar paper or honors thesis is the culminating experience for history majors at Hamilton. It is a semester-long research project in which students draw on their accumulated skills and knowledge to produce focused, high-level scholarship on a specific topic or problem.

Recent projects in history include:

  • Henry Chapman Mercer and the Building of Fonthill Castle
  • Political Renewal in Post-War France: The Purge of Vichy Officials from 1944 to 1952
  • The Decisive Battle for Central America: U.S. Intervention in Nicaragua and El Salvador During the Reagan Years
  • Tools of Change: A Critical Reexamination of Chinese Esoteric Buddhism
  • The British Partition of India: A Struggle Between Cultures and Conceptions of Nationalism
  • The Unity of the Iroquois: The Peoples of the Longhouse in the American Revolutionary Period
  • Burakumin: Victims of Continued Discrimination in Modern Japanese Society
  • French Foreign Policy Toward Germany after World War I: A Study of France's Reaction to the Rhineland Crisis of 1936
  • The Shift of Intellectual Paradigms in China from 1860 to 1930 and the Role of Marxism
  • Male Witchcraft in 16th- and 17th-Century Europe
  • The AIDS Epidemic in America: A Disappointing Response