Jurisprudence, Law and Justice Studies

A minor in Jurisprudence consists of five courses: two courses in Analytic Perspectives and Theory, and three courses in Substantive Areas.

Analytic Perspectives and Theory:
  • BIO 215 Genetics and Society
  • ENG 129 Truth and Justice, The American Way
  • ENG 342 Written on the Wall: Twentieth-Century American Prison Writing
  • ENG 442 Booked: Prison Writing
  • GOV 365 Free Speech in American Political and Legal Thought
  • HIST/GOV 229 The American Founding
  • PHIL 380 Philosophy of Law
  • PHIL 460 Seminar in Ethics: Contemporary Theories of Justice
  • SOC 223 Law and Society

Substantive Areas:
  • COM 450 First Amendment: Freedom of Speech
  • GOV 224 International Law
  • GOV 241 Survey of Constitutional Law
  • GOV 307 Seminar in War Powers--Law, Policy, and Practice
  • GOV 335 Seminar: Criminal Law
  • SOC 327 Race and the Law
  • SOC 373 The Constitution and Social Policy
  • WMST 225 Women, Law, Public Policy and Activism in the Contemporary United States

(from the Hamilton Course Catalogue)