Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program offers an interdisciplinary minor consisting of five courses taken within at least three disciplines (Art History, Comparative Literature, English, French, Hispanic Studies, History, Music). One of the five courses must be a history course and two of the courses must be taken in the same department.

For complete information about the courses listed below, including prerequisites, enrollment limits and when a course is offered, consult the full descriptions under the appropriate departments.

270 Visual Culture of the Middle Ages
282 The Renaissance: Reframing the Golden Age

390 Medieval Latin

211 Readings in World Literature I
228 From Different to Monstrous: Muslim (and Christian) Subversions and Coercions
266 Storytelling in Arabic and European Literatures
284 From Harlot to Saint: Muslim Women, Christian Women and Other Women
289 Introduction to Arabic Literature

221 Introduction to Old English
222 Chaucer: Gender and Genre
225 Shakespeare
226 Milton
293 The Making of English
323 Other Worlds in Middle English Literature
327 English Renaissance Literature 1550-1660
328 English Renaissance Drama
329 When God Shakes a Kingdom
427 Shakespeare in Context
428 Muslims, Women, and Jews: Alterity and Identity in the Middle Ages

403 In Her Own Voice: French Women Writers of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
404 Legends of the Round Table
406 Comic Visions in French Literature from the Fabliaux to Figaro
414 East Meets West: Cultural Encounters in Medieval French Literature
416 Saints and Sinners in Medieval French Literature

300 Medieval Spanish Literature

146 Christianity to 1500
150 Myth and History in the Middle Ages
202 Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages
207 Europe and the Mediterranean 1100-1500
295 The Crusades
320 Power and Lordship in Medieval Europe
326 Rebels, Radicals and Reformers
339 Columbus's Library

390 Topics in Roman Society and Culture: Medieval Latin

223 Gender and Violence in the Middle Ages

251 Music in Europe Before 1600

146 Christianity to 1500

223S Gender and Violence in the Middle Ages.
This course serves as an introduction to the field of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Drawing on multiple disciplinary perspectives, including those of literature, law, history, and art, we will examine the intersection of ideas about the body, gender, and violence in the European Middle Ages. Readings may include the Bible and early patristic writings; the lives of saints; poems and advice manuals on courtly love; depictions of women in the Crusades; Icelandic sagas; and perspectives on the trial of Joan of Arc. (Oral Presentations.) Prerequisite, One 100-level course in literature or history, or AP 4 or 5 in English or history. (Same as Literature and Creative Writing 223 and History 223.) Maximum enrollment, 24. Katherine Terrell and John Eldevik.

(from the Hamilton Course Catalogue)