Peter Millet, Ph.D., Litchfield Professor of Physics

Areas of Expertise: complexity simulations using cellular automata; acoustic impedance tube measurements; small-observatory operation and measurements.
Peter Millet has guided undergraduate studies in experimental physics on such varied topics as investigations on the interaction between acoustic fields and air jets, and on the approach to chaos in a simple mechanical oscillator. More >>

Millet has supervised computational studies of three body celestial mechanics and, in the context of complexity theory, the use of cellular automata to model traffic flow. Students have worked with him on small observatory activities such as CCD imaging, and the manipulation and analysis of images using IRAF.

His published work can be found in the American Journal of Physics, Physical Review, Physica, Physical Review Letters, Journal of Acoustical Society of America and The Physics Teacher. Millet has been a member of the Hamilton College faculty for more than 30 years. He earned a Ph.D. from Syracuse University.

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