Art History

The Senior Program

Senior art history majors prepare an extensive research project in connection with a seminar that is taken in the fall or spring. The program culminates in an oral presentation before an audience of art history majors, faculty members and interested members of the College community.

Recent projects in art history include:

  • The Many Faces of Identity: Postmodern Portraiture
  • Pushing Buttons: Video Installation, Art Objects & Museums
  • The Economics of Art: Analyzing the Buyer
  • Clement Greenberg: The Deconstruction of a Critic
  • Snap. Crackle. And the Critics said Pop
  • "The Death of Painting:" Following the Debate from Minimalism to the Twenty-first Century
  • The Re-Figuration of Painting: Figurative Painters of the 1980s 
  • Debunking the Myth of "Mrs. Jackson Pollock:" The Careers of Lee Krasner & Helen Frankenthaler    
  • Advertising Postmodernism: The Images and Text of Barbara Kruger 
  • Inside the Outsider: Contesting "Prisoner Art" in the U.S.
  • Art and Science Meet Again: The Postmodern Body
  • Thomas Krens and the Guggenheim Controversies 
  • The Dia Art Foundation: The Historiography of a Postmodern Patronage
  • Architectural & Theoretical Changes in Recent Museum Design: How Three New Museums Display Contemporary Art
  • Ukiyo-e and Pop
  • Postmodernism and Contemporary Indian Art: The Role of Popular Culture in Redefining Postmodernism