The Senior Program

The Senior Program in Chinese is the culminating intellectual experience at Hamilton, in which the cultural experience in China, the language proficiency and insights gained in the first three years are combined and integrated. The centerpiece of the Chinese concentration is the senior project. The one semester project requires the concentrators to finish and present a work of scholarship completely in Chinese and/or using substantial materials in the original language. Chinese majors work closely with a faculty member(s) each week and during two group presentations during the semester, including a final defense.

Recent projects in East Asian languages and literatures include:

  • All’s Fair in Love and Dating Game Shows: The Evolution of the Dating Culture in China
  • China’s Aviation Industry: Headwinds and Tailwinds
  • Chinese Health Care Reform of 2009: An Early Assessment
  • The Changing Role of Women in China
  • Renewable Energy in China and America: a Comparison of Each Country's Energy Policy and Its Effect on The Environment
  • Determining the Effects of Globalization on Chinese Films
  • Reflections upon Westernization and Commercialization in Chinese Contemporary Art
  • Gender Identity and Status in the Chinese Language
  • The Online Cultural Identity of China's Ethnic Minorities: Manchu and Uighur Case Studies
  • The Impact of 2008 Olympic Games on China's Economy
  • The Social Welfare Problems for Retired People in China
  • A Study of Chinese Loan Words from Japan
  • An Analysis on China's Bestseller Mian Mian (Acid Lover)