The Senior Program

The Senior Program serves as Hamilton's integrating and culminating intellectual experience. At its center is the senior project, an extended research effort in which students use the knowledge and methods gained in their first three years of study. Each senior French major works closely with at least one faculty member while completing the project, which includes a senior research course and major paper. Seniors also demonstrate language proficiency in French with an interview.

Recent projects in French include:

  • Entre Aurore et Apollon : Monsieur et les masculinités sous l'absolutisme de Louis XI
  • Frivolite eternelle: la mode, le temps et la cocotte chez Marcel Proust
  • L'ecole francaise in the African Novel
  • Ambiguous Representation of the Catholic Church in the films of Vichy France
  • Capturing the Moment: Photography in Paris During the 19th Century
  • The Power of Feminine Solidarity in the Lais by Marie de France
  • Le recit romantique chez Chateaubriand 
  • The Question of the Soul in Rousseau's Emile
  • Le merveilleux dans Les Lais de Marie de France