Women's Studies

The Senior Program

Seniors in women's studies pursue a one-semester senior project that can take the form of either a written thesis or some form of performance. Students work independently on the senior project, but they are supervised by one or more faculty members. The senior project represents a culmination of each student’s undergraduate experience; it synthesizes coursework, discussion and personal reflection into a focused statement of intellectual growth and insight.

Recent senior projects include:

  • Crimes Against Our Humanity: The Equity Paradigm in the US Prison-Industrial Complex
  • Why Kirkland Mattered
  • Dialogues on Dinner in the Diaspora: The Role of Utica’s Immigrant Women in Negotiating Transnational and Gender Identities Through Cooking and Food Practices
  • And . . . One!: How the Higher Education System Teaches Female Conductors to Conduct
  • What Hath Title IX Wrought for Women in STEM?: Finding the Limits of Legislation
  • The Pedagogy and Politics of a Lesbian Literature Syllabus
  • Women and the Anti-HydroFracking Movement of the Southern Tier and Central New York
  • Hookup Culture: Empowerment or Imprisonment?
  • A Feminist Analysis of Commercial Surrogacy in the United States
  • 211 Pine Street, Mayfield, USA: Space, Gender, and Class within the Cleaver's Home
  • Defining an Inexplicable Identity: An Analysis of Transgenderism in Modern Literature
  • Female Athletes and Parental Support
  • Public Policy Initiatives for Domestic Violence
  • Who Do You See in the Mirror? Reflections on South Asian Bicultural Identity and Community
  • Women in Science: A Comparison of Single-Sex and Coed Schools
  • Interconnections of Theory and Practice: Possible Mechanisms Accounting for Unbalanced Relationships
  • The Naturalized Devaluation of Women
  • Fiber Artists Through Western Technology and Ideology
  • Women & Retirement
  • Mi Casita de Tin
  • Why the Constitution of the United States Needs to be Rewritten: Validating People, Focusing on Women
  • Divestment Activism at Hamilton College: The Importance of Knowing Our History
  • Conservatism, Religious Fundamentalism and Patriarchy: A Feminist Critique of New Right Rhetoric
  • The Eroticization of Rape in Popular Culture
  • Blues Women and Riot Girls: Women’s Music and Mainstream America, 1920-1995
  • Foucault and the Language of Passing Women
  • Multicultural Education in the United States: A Case Study
  • The SCUM Manifesto: A Performance Piece
  • A Feminist Review of USAID’s Current Policy Initiatives for Women’s Health and Reproductive Freedoms
  • Emerging Out of Resistance: A Historical Analysis of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
  • (Re)claiming a Chicana Identity: Cherrie Moraga and the Politics of Mixed-Race Identities
  • An Analysis of the Intersection between Immigration Status and Domestic Service
  • Midwifery and the Medicalization of Childbirth in the United States
  • In Her Own Words: An Examination of Jewish Women’s Identities through Oral History
  • Failing Democracy, Succeeding Capitalism: The Effects of Curriculum Tracking in America’s Public Schools