Cinema and Media Studies

Your interdisciplinary course of study will blend film history and theory and give you opportunities to pursue your artistic vision through the use of new technologies. You will learn through hands-on work in The Kennedy Center for Theatre and the Studio Arts, which opened in 2014.

Hannah Fine '15
Hannah Fine '15

A student’s strategy: liberal arts with a media focus

Hannah Fine ’15 has interned at NBC News, landed a job at the College Career Center producing videos and doing other media work and took courses that combined theory and practical knowledge. Fine, who minors in cinema and media studies, says she went with Hamilton – rather than an institution with a specialized new media program – to get both the liberal arts experience and media skills.

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Sarah Perdomo ’12

A graduate’s progess:
literature, film and kids

Sarah Perdomo ’12 is working on a graduate degree in early childhood education at Boston University. At Hamilton College, she wove her passions – cinema, media, comparative literature, religious studies and art – into an interdisciplinary major that helped her get there.

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