As a major you will be expected to reach near fluency in your language skills and to gain an understanding of French literature and civilization. You will have the opportunity to experience the language and culture as part of the Hamilton in France program, which is based in Paris.

Audrey de Maegalhaes '14 in France.
Audrey de Magalhaes '14 in France.

A student’s success: free-flowing French

The realization hit her during her junior year in Paris: Audrey de Magalhaes ’14, who speaks several languages, had become a French speaker. When she met her first host family, she says, she was nervous; she could not form a single French sentence. A few months later, when her mom came to visit her in Paris, de Magalhaes did all the talking for them both.

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Elizabeth Collins '10 in the Alps.

A graduate’s progress: a passion and a Ph.D.

Elizabeth Collins ’10  follows her passion. She just started a doctoral program in French and Francophone studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her study abroad in Paris when she was at Hamilton College was a major influence on her career and academic path.

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