You will emerge from your government major grounded in international relations, American politics, comparative politics and political theory. You will get a front-line perspective on U.S. government if you are accepted into Hamilton’s program in Washington, D.C., where you will work in a Congressional or executive office.

Hillary Kolodner '14 during an internship in Senegal.

A student’s exploration: an internship abroad

Through internships on two continents and courses as varied as philosophy and environmental studies, Hillary Kolodner ’14 explored and then zeroed in: government with a double minor in environmental studies and philosophy.

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Jacob Kleinrock '11 working at a University of Michigan-Michgan State football game.

A graduate’s progress: a job on the compaign trail

Jacob Kleinrock '11 has been interested in politics since high school. His government major at Hamilton College reaffirmed his interest, and he’s working as deputy finance director for a gubernatorial campaign. “The classes and one-on-one discussions were invaluable to me as I learned about the many problems of government and intricacies of the solutions,” Kleinrock says.

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