Through your studies you will gain an understanding of the present that is informed by history. Your courses will help you develop sophisticated writing and speaking skills; expect to write extensively. You will learn to conduct research and hone an ability to think critically about complex issues and events of the past. You may get a chance to conduct college-funded research with a professor over the summer.

Mike Adamo '16 leads a mock UN meeting.

A history student’s progress: rigorous work, better writing

The quality of the faculty clinched a history major for Mike Adamo ’16, starting with a Russian history class first semester with Professor Shoshana Keller. “So when I started taking a few more classes in the department, I realized how great the professors were, and I just had to stick with it,” says Adamo, who spent the summer after his sophomore year interning at the Alexander Hamilton Institute for the Study of Western Civilization.

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Jacob Sheetz-Willard '12 atop the Grand Teton mountain.

A graduate’s progress: earning a master’s, seeking to inspire

Jacob Sheetz-Willard ’12 is studying the subject he learned to love at Hamilton College – history – in a master’s program in American history at Utah State University. He entered the program as the presidential fellow for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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