After your first year of Japanese language studies you will be able to speak and write about everyday life. After your fourth year you will be able to write and present a term paper on a topic you choose. Your courses will emphasize language and introduce you to Japanese literature, film, culture and society.

Quan Wan '14 eats lunch with Kyoko Omori, associate professor of East Asian languages and literatures. 

A student’s passion: language for the love of it

Quan Wan ’14 minored in Japanese simply because he loves the language and culture. He is a psychology major with a long-term plan to become a professor, probably in behavior sciences. Wan, who is from China, is intrigued by the relationship between the Chinese and Japanese characters and languages.

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Karen Haedrich '06 at an event for NHK, the radio station she works for in Japan.

A graduate’s progress: a career abroad

Studying in Tokyo junior year clinched Karen Haedrich's ’06 passion for Japanese language and culture. She graduated from Hamilton College with a minor in Japanese studies and a major in creative writing and moved to Tokyo. She works at NHK, writing and narrating for an English radio program called Kiso Eigo Two (Basic English Two) for junior-high students.

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