Women's Studies

The Women’s Studies Department provides an interdisciplinary and transnational analysis of the historical, theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of women and gender. Innovative teaching and collaborative research experiences help students analyze social and cultural differences, transform their understanding of traditional areas of study, and develop their ability to interact with the world in personal and intellectual ways.

Jessica Moulite ’14, an intern at CBS News, received funding from the Career Center so she could explore a career in broadcast media.
Jessica Moulite ’14 explored a career in broadcast media as an intern at CBS News.

A student’s growth: knowledge to navigate the world

Jessica Moulite ’14 is poised to graduate from Hamilton College with a pocketful of experiences with which to pursue a broadcast journalism career. The experiences include two NBC News internships, a public speaking prize, study abroad in Spain, work as a peer tutor in the College's Oral Communication Center and as a peer advisor in the Career Center. She majored in women’s studies and communication.

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Through women’s  studies, Moulite says, she’s developed the analytical ability she needs to understand the world and maneuver in it.

“It's definitely changed how I think and how I can interact in this world and how I know how to work within it, based off of who I am as an individual,” Moulite says.

Her senior thesis in women’s studies combined her two major interests; she studied diversity on network television from a postfeminist standpoint.

“There are more women, women of color, members of the LGBTQ community, on television. But I wanted to study if, although there are more of these individuals represented numerically on television, if they still end up falling into the same stereotypes or archetypes associated with those groups,” says Moulite, who is applying to journalism graduate schools.

Danielle Burby '12
Danielle Burby ’12

A graduate’s progress: words are her weapon of choice

Danielle Burby ’12 is a playwright who double-majored in creative writing and women’s studies at Hamilton College. Women’s studies fueled her writing, opened her eyes to injustice and instilled in her a desire for action. “Words are my weapon of choice and inequality (whether gender, race, class or sexuality-based) is my topic of choice,” Burby says.

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A theater company is producing her play Hooked,  which she wrote for her women’s studies thesis. Burby, who works as a literary assistant at the Hannigan Salky Getzler Agency in New York City, is writing another play, which will be included in another theatre's summer reading series.

“I picked my majors for love and because they were what I was good at. But I also knew very early on that I wanted to work in book publishing and that, career-wise, that’s where I wanted to go,” Burby says. “So, for me, creative writing was a very practical, career-focused decision. Women’s studies was my wild card, but it actually turned out to be very useful in my life after Hamilton as well. I think people might be shocked to hear it, but I have actually very directly benefited from my women’s studies in my professional life.”