Research will be central to your studies, and as a neuroscience major, by senior year you will be ready to delve into an in-depth research project. You will find opportunity to excel outside the classroom, for instance getting a grant to conduct summer research with a professor or coauthoring a paper that is published in a scholarly journal.

Alex Cates '15, left, in New Zeeland.
Alex Cates '15, left, in New Zealand.

A student’s advice: go after research early on

Alex Cates ’15 is a Hamilton College neuroscience major who spent the summer after his sophomore year doing research. “It was great to get the hands-on experience of designing an experiment, collecting and analyzing data, and then designing a new experiment to test the next hypothesis  –  not to mention learning a little bit of coding and enjoying the summer research atmosphere,” says Cates, who worked on modeling human movement.

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Nathaly Francois ’04
Nathaly François '04

A graduate’s progress: a medical degree

Nathaly François ’04 knew since childhood that she wanted to be a physician. At Hamilton College she majored in neuroscience and planned to be a neurosurgeon, but in medical school she discovered her true passion – urology. She is a urology resident at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

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