Spring 2013

Live, work and learn in one of the world's premier cities of commerce and culture. Hamilton in New York City combines an internship with academic experience and is unique in its attempt to encompass a wide range of perspectives on globalization. Here's a glimpse: The expertise of recent program directors includes sociology, administrative law and government, cultural diversity and national pluralism, international law and politics, theatre, literature and film, and international finance.

Global Art: From Studio to Store

Director:  Ella Gant, Associate Professor of Art
Phone:  315-859-4265
Email:   egant@hamilton.edu

New York City has long been one of the cultural centers in the global art economy.  Artists, art historians, curators, art dealers, and auction houses form a complex global network spanning national boundaries and connecting major cities and diverse cultures around the world.  These networks tend to be strongly concentrated in key metropolitan cities like New York City, London, Rio de Janeiro, and Cairo.  Our approach to art making and the economies of art production will be interdisciplinary and embrace visual traditions that cross cultures.

College 398 Seminar in Global Art

Hamilton's art program is concerned with the creation of visual incidents, and the dialogue surrounding the communication and placement of a visual object or experience in both contemporary and historical global contexts.  Through readings and discussion students investigate the life cycle of an art object from studio to store. 
1 Credit.


College 396 Independent Study

Artists make things.  This independent study is concerned with the creation of visual incidents, and the dialogue surrounding the communication and placement of a visual object or experience in both a contemporary and historical context.  Students will examine their experiences of the complex relationships in the field of global art via the traditional form of drawing.  The sketchbook represents the connection to this ongoing tradition that crosses time and place.
Pre-Req. 100 or 200 level Art Course, Prefer Art 104 or Art 160.
1 Credit. May count toward concentration credit.


College 397 Internship

Students will receive a credit for working with an artist, or interning at a gallery (profit or non-profit), design firm, auction house, or museum.
1 Credit. Graded Credit/No Credit.


College 395 Global Art from Studio to Store

Students continue and deepen their critical examination of the necessity of the arts to human experience through visits to cultural institutions; attending events at diverse cultural institutions, such as P.S. 1, The Kitchen, Dickson Place, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music; and presentations by some of the world’s leading artists, curators, museum and gallery directors, and auctioneers.
1 Credit. Fulfills Art 350 Junior Seminar concentration requirement.

Contact Information

Karen Prentice-Duprey

(on behalf of the Program Administrator and Directors)
315-859-4634 315-859-4077 kprentic@hamilton.edu
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