Transfer Students

The College is interested in any well-qualified, highly motivated student who wishes to transfer to Hamilton from another institution. Because of the College's graduation and residency requirements, no student can transfer more than two years' work from another institution.  

Candidates for the Fall semester must submit their completed application by April 15, and will receive a decision by June 1. Candidates for the Spring semester must submit their completed application by November 15, and will receive a decision by December 15. Financial aid for transfer students is available but extremely limited.

Check out the most frequently asked questions about transferring to Hamilton.

If you have further questions on transfer admission, please send an email message to admissio@hamilton.edu.

To apply visit www.commonapp.org where you will find our online transfer application.  Please follow all directions carefully.

Hamilton Horizons Program


Convinced that education is a continuing process, Hamilton invites qualified men and women who have been away from formal collegiate education for two years or more to return via the Hamilton Horizons Program. Interested candidates are encouraged to meet with the director of the program.

The Hamilton Horizons Program provides older students with the same educational opportunities offered to regular undergraduates. The program offers no distinct courses for adults, no evening or weekend courses and no adjunct faculty. Instead, students in this program are incorporated into the mainstream of the College's academic life.

To earn a degree at Hamilton, students in the Hamilton Horizons Program must satisfy all the requirements stated in the College Catalogue, except the requirement in physical education, the requirements governing minimum and maximum course loads, the requirements governing residence on campus and the requirement that the degree be completed within seven years following matriculation.

Applicants are initially accepted as part-time students in the program, which offers no degree itself. After two semesters, each student has the option of applying to the College as a candidate for the baccalaureate degree. Hamilton Horizons students may take courses for credit or may audit courses without formal matriculation. The deadline for fall Horizons applications is April 1; the deadline for spring Horizons applications is November 1.

If you have further questions on the Hamilton Horizons Program, please contact Lora Schilder, Director of Admission.