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EXPLORE: Interests, Skills & Careers

Explore Career Options

  • Knowledge of careers, paired with knowledge of self helps you make decisions that will lead to greater happiness.
  • Most people don’t enter college knowing a lot about the various career paths. There are many ways for you to learn more about career options.
  • Exploring careers can be done in these four progressively more involved ways

Reading and researching careers online and in print
Talking to professionals in fields of interest
Watching people in their place of work through shadowing
Doing: internships, volunteering, jobs, and on-campus activities

Resources to Read

The following websites give summaries and details about specific careers and how they connect with your skills and interests. This includes working conditions, training and advancement, earnings and benefits, and employment outlook.

Additionally, Evisors webinars can help you learn more about some specific career areas, especially those in business.

Do you prefer actual books? The Career Center has an excellent library with hundreds of titles updated yearly. Stop by and check it out.