Career and Life Outcomes Center

Maurice Horowitch Career Center is located on the third floor of Bristol Center.

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We know that you are invested in helping your student succeed at Hamilton and beyond. This page was designed to help you understand what career-related tasks your student should be working on, to provide some general information about our office, and to offer some ways that parents can help with the career planning process.

What should my child be doing?

The Career Center has developed this “Career Map” to help students navigate the road to career success. While all students and career paths are unique, this "four-year plan" gives a general idea of when your child should be engaging in specific career planning tasks.

How Can I Help?

Encourage your child to come to the Career Center and meet with a counselor for individual guidance.

Does your employer hire students for internships or full-time positions? We strive to provide our students with fantastic opportunities for career-related experience and post-Bachelor pursuits. We are happy to a post parent-referred position, publicize the opportunity to our students and collect resumes for your review. Please let us know of opportunities, including those from organizations where you volunteer or serve on a Board. Contact Abby Taylor, Director of Employer Relations  at or 315-859-4386.