Counseling Center

Meet our Staff

Heather Cosgrove, Ph.D.
Areas of interest: body image and disordered eating behaviors, family of origin concerns including abuse and neglect, adult children of alcoholics/addicts, identity exploration, anxiety, perfectionism, women's issues, and career exploration.

Dennis LaLonde, Psy.D.
Areas of interest: identity exploration, GLBT concerns, interpersonal and group dynamics,mind/body connection, and mindfulness techniques for anxiety and depression

Reese Minshew, Ph.D.
Areas of interest: coping with symptoms related to traumatic stress. These might include feeling on-edge or checked out, over-use of alcohol or drugs, overwhelming sadness or depression, or difficulty connecting with others. I also focus on issues of intersectional identity, including coping with microaggressions and alienation.

David Walden, Ph.D.
Areas of interest: romantic relationships, childhood sexual abuse, identity issues, LGBTQ and gender identity concerns, becoming comfortable with emotions, concerns related to marginalization, oppression, and racial identity, and existential issues. David also does "Therapy on the Rocks".

Kate Dorr, RD, MBA
Kate is our registered dietitian and is available on Tuesday afternoons to discuss any issues related to nutrition. 

Sascha Arbouet, MD
Sascha is our psychiatrist, and is available Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to provide psychiatric care to students interested in the use of medication as an adjunct to therapy. Sascha is a '99 graduate of Hamilton.