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Bias Incidents and Hate Crimes

Hamilton College seeks to prepare all students to thrive as fully engaged citizens of a diverse and increasingly complex world. In keeping with this goal, Hamilton is committed to distinguishing itself as a living and learning community that values and exemplifies the inclusion of diverse persons and perspectives. However, no college or community is immune to problems that arise as a result of various forms of bias. As part of the College's commitment to an inclusive campus community, a Bias Incident Response Team and protocol has been developed to address incidents that occur on-campus or at any Hamilton-sponsored off-campus event. We urge all community members to familiarize themselves with the reporting protocol found in this document and to report promptly any incidents that violate the standards that we as a community seek to uphold.

The Bias Incident Response Team consists of:

  • Allen Harrison -  Chair, Bias Incident Response Team and Associate Dean of Students for Multicultural Affairs and Accessibility Services – 315-859-4021
  • Vivyan Adair - Chair, Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Board and Professor of Women's Studies – 315-859-4330
  • Meredith Bonham - Senior Associate Dean of Students for Strategic Initiatives and Title IX Coordinator - 315-859-4020
  • Robert Kazin - Director of the Counseling Center (or designee) – 315-859-4340
  • Jeffrey Landry -  Associate Dean of Students for Health and Safety – 315-859-4021
  • Fran Manfredo - Director of Campus Safety – 315-859-4141 (315-859-4000 in case of emergency)
  • Angel Mason - Associate Director of Athletics - 315-859-4753
  • Kiana Sosa - Class of 2015
  • Amit Taneja - Director of Diversity and Inclusion - 315-859-4252
  • Nancy Thompson - Dean of Students– 315-859- 4020
  • Kassandra Zaila - Class of 2015

Please note:

  • The reporting system does not create a new category of prohibited behavior or a new process for members of the Hamilton community to be disciplined or sanctioned.
  • The BIR Team has no authority to discipline any student or member of the faculty or staff.
  • Reported conduct that may be a violation of college policy will be referred for action through existing disciplinary or judicial procedures.