Facts about Hamilton

College Mission

Education in all its forms is the central mission of Hamilton College. At Hamilton it is understood that the pivotal commitment of the Faculty, Administration, and Staff to the intellectual and personal development of students is the College’s most important and enduring tradition.

Hamilton is a coeducational, residential liberal arts community whose members value and seek intellectual and cultural diversity. The College encourages respect for political, religious, ethnic, racial, physical, generational, sexual, and affectional differences because such respect promotes free and open inquiry, independent thought, and mutual understanding. Teaching and learning link the classroom to other aspects of student life and contribute to an educational environment that supports civility, respect, and meaningful student-faculty interaction. The Faculty represents men and women who are dedicated to the promotion of academic achievement, human decency, and personal growth. Hamilton students talk about “working with” rather than “taking courses from” their professors. Undergraduates spend time with their teachers identifying problems, clarifying questions, experimenting with solutions, and frequently doing collaborative research. Although opportunities for social and recreational activities abound, Hamilton is, above all, an academic community in which challenging intellectual work is the main focus.

The fundamental purpose of a Hamilton education is to enable young women and men of unusual gifts to realize their fullest capacities, for their own benefit and that of the societies in which they will live. The College’s motto, “Know Thyself,” summarizes the primary goal of a liberal arts education. At Hamilton we believe that the proper mixture of good students, dedicated faculty, and a well-designed curriculum offers the best hope for a lifetime of continuing learning, intellectual exploration, and personal fulfillment. As the primary intellectual guide, the Faculty determines the fundamental structure and the basic requirements in light of the liberal arts tradition and its appropriate adaptation to the contemporary world.

In sum, our mission is to provide an educational experience that emphasizes academic excellence and the development of students as human beings, as we prepare them to make choices and accept the responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic world of intellect and diversity.