Kirkland Alumnae

Sharon Rippey

All Kirkland Reunion 2015

In the spring of 2007 a committee of Kirkland Alumnae, chaired by Penny W. Dana K’78, planned a reunion for all women who had matriculated at Kirkland College. In the fall of that year, the Committee for Kirkland College (known as the CKC) was formed. The CKC was a group of Kirkland alumnae committed to keeping Kirkland’s spirit and educational experience alive at Hamilton. In the eight years since the All Kirkland reunion of 2007: individual Kirkland alumnae have mentored Hamilton students, Kirkland’s history and memorabilia have been archived at the Burke library,
creative writing has become a major, the Arts have been strengthened-mostly recently by the Kevin and Kennedy Theater Arts Center, the social sciences were strengthened and writing a senior thesis is now a requirement for graduation. Hamilton students have come to know Kirkland alumnae personally.  Our contributions mattered- the existence of Kirkland College made Hamilton College a better school. It’s a wonderful and amusing experience to see Hamilton men and women wearing green tee shirts with “Kirkland” in bold white letters across the front walking around campus. You get us guys, thanks.

The CKC is now the Kirkland Alumnae Association, chaired by Lori R. Reidel K’77.
In the spirit of the All Kirkland Reunion of 2007, at reunions this June there will be another All Kirkland Reunion June 4th-7th, including special Kirkland events. Please join us.

It won’t be a party without you.

Lori Reidel K '77 lorir@vwg.com

Sharon Rippey, Director of Alumni Relations srippey@hamilton.edu


Kirkland College Alumnae Association Chair Updates

Committee for Kirkland College (2007-2013)

The Committee for Kirkland College was formed in the fall of 2007, following the successful All Kirkland Reunion in June of that year. Our three key initiatives were:

  • Developing the Kirkland Archive
  • Mentoring current students
  • Strengthening the bonds within the Kirkland Community