Language Center

Mary Beth Helderle, Director

Jeremiah Spoon, Language Center Coordinator/Technician

The Language Center is located in Christian A. Johnson 301

Centrally located within the language departments on the third floor of the Christian A. Johnson Building, the Language Center is a state-of-the-art facility that supports innovative pedagogy and leading edge technology. The value of community in learning has always been central to the mission, design and ambience of the Language Center. In addition to a place where classes are held and students work independently, students of all languages and levels intersect to work in an environment that facilitates the integration of formal and informal learning and promotes opportunities for interaction and sharing with others. Wherever future directions in pedagogy and technology take the Language Center, the sense of a community of learners — of people with shared purpose — will remain constant and its most valuable asset.


Connecting to Home

For the past three years, Riada has utilized video chat to stay close to her family and friends in Bosnia. A six hour gap exists between her homeland and the time-zone Hamilton College is in- but even an ocean and a time gap are no longer enough to separate people that want to see each other!


Video Editing in the LC

The Language Center's early bird--Professor Mwantuali. Professor Mwantuali is often hard at work in the Language Center before the rest of us, selecting and editing video clips for his classes.