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The Levitt Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 251.

Levitt Leadership Institute

The Levitt Leadership Institute (LLI) is a two-week intensive leadership training program with a mission to help students recognize, develop, and practice the kinds of leadership skills essential to create personal and societal change.  LLI promotes a global mindset, ethical behaviors, and regard for the public good. The Institute culminates with the chance to make a real and positive difference through a long term Commitment-to Action Project that also transfers LLI skills and knowledge into real life situations.

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About the Institute

Levitt Leadership Institute (LLI) takes place on Hamilton's campus during the first week. Participants learn about their own skills and attitudes as they listen and work with others in a succession of group challenges. Discussions and exercise around leadership skills include practice in active listening and difficult conversations. The hands-on, practical training ends with the large group challenge to design two days of activities in Washington, D.C. with leadership practitioners who will put Week One's learning into context in areas of interest to participants.

During the second week in Washington, D.C., participants move about the city to attend meetings and networking opportunities with people practicing leadership in a variety of public sectors. This puts leadership issues in a real life context and prepares participants for their final challenge -- to make a measurable and positive difference in a community of choice before graduating Hamilton College. These Commitment Projects provide a chance to create and learn from innovating and producing positive change with others in a supportive environment.

The LLI training team, led by former Ambassador Prudence Bushnell and leadership training expert Christine Powers, includes recent Hamilton College graduates and relies on the active participation of everyone involved. Comments from former LLI participants underscore the chance to work with people beyond their usual networks, learn about themselves both as leaders and effective group members, and contribute something real in the process.