Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center

Levitt Center
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The Levitt Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 251.

Speaker Series

The Levitt Center Speaker Series is committed to enhancing the academic experience of our students by introducing them to a wide array of intellectually challenging speakers. The Series features many speakers with substantial academic and policy experience, an invaluable asset in helping students make the connection between the classroom and policies enacted in the real world. Students and other audience members have the opportunity to engage speakers in thoughtful discussion following each lecture. Our four program areas, Inequality and Equity, Security, Sustainability, and Public Health and Well-Being; as well as our Transformational Leadership and Social Innovation initiatives, provides a focus for our year-long lecture series, as well as for our Faculty Lunch series and Innovation Roundtable discussions.

Inequality and Equity Program

The Program on Inequality and Equity investigates the factors that affect the distribution of income, distribution of health outcomes, impact of policy on intergenerational equity, welfare analysis, discrimination, access to the legal system and the role of incentives, race, gender, and immigration. John Bartle, Associate Professor of Russian Studies, is the Director of the Inequality and Equity Program.

Security Program

The Security Program centers on both domestic and international security. Security issues encompass the safety and protection of persons and property, food supply, market exchange, national security, banking and security regulation, cultural preservation, cyber security, local law enforcement, and public health among other public and private concerns across nations, and cultural values and institutions. Frank Anechiarico, the Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law, is the Director of the Security Program.

Sustainability Program

The Sustainability Program is an interdisciplinary program that supports research as well as programs that complement and enrich classroom learning. This broad-based, multi-faceted initiative promotes both academic research on sustainable practices, and policies to achieve them, as well as hands-on learning experiences for Hamilton students. Steve Ellingson, Associate Professor of Sociology, is the Director of the Sustainability Program.

Public Health and Well-Being Program

The Public Health and Well-Being Program is a broad-based interdisciplinary program that supports research on all dimensions of public health and wellbeing as well as programs that complement and enrich classroom learning. Herm Lehman, Professor of Biology, is the Director of the Public Health and Well-Being Program.