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Charles Watkinson to Deliver Couper Phi Beta Kappa Lecture

Charles Watkinson, Director of University of Michigan Press, will deliver this year’s Couper Phi Beta Kappa Lecture on Tuesday, October 20, at 4:15 in the Kennedy Auditorium of the Taylor Science Center. Mr. Watkinson’s talk," Open Access Monographs: Why Should Authors, Librarians, and Administrators Care?", will focus on the recent emergence of high profile projects in North America and Europe that are exploring the potential of flipped publishing models for academic books.


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LITS Involved with Several 2015 Orientation Trips

All incoming members of the Hamilton College class of 2019 participated in one of many orientation trips.  Hamilton College offers three branches of orientation adventure trips that provide a fun and friendly atmosphere for easing new students into college life. Several members of LITS were involved with orientation trips this past August.

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Free Streaming Music - Classical, Jazz, Folk, World Music, and More.

If you love Pandora and Spotify, you might want to explore Hamilton's streaming music services. LITS offers nearly 200,000 recordings of music and operas. Listen from your computer or mobile device, and create your own playlists to share.

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Visual Literacy: Effective Communication with Images

The visual world is a key element of our human experience. Our ancestors painted compelling images on the walls of caves. Artists create representations along a continuum from abstract to literal, twining metaphors and allegories. Fruit-mongers arrange their wares by color and brightness to attract the most attention at the market. The advent of the moving picture created the powerful mediums of film and television.

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Small Talk from the VP: You are the Target!

I just finished activating the free two-year credit monitoring and identity theft protection provided by Excellus, Hamilton’s health care provider.  They are providing these services because of a breach of the confidential data they maintain about their clients – including me (and probably you). In announcing the incident, Excellus president and CEO, Christopher Booth, indicated “Safeguarding the privacy of your personal information is a top priority for us, and we make every effort to protect your information.  Despite these efforts, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield was targeted in a very sophisticated cyberattack.”

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The Center for Research Libraries: Enriching Research, Expanding Possibilities

Beth Bohstedt (LITS), Celeste Day-Moore (History) and Reynaldo Ortiz (Africana Studies) gave a lunch presentation on Hamilton College and the Center for Research Libraries.  Day-Moore and Ortiz discussed their own use of CRL resources and how they may be used in teaching, and Bohstedt covered how we actually access the materials, whether via interlibrary loan or online.

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Faculty and Open Access at Wellesley College

In 2013, Wellesley College’s Academic Council unanimously approved an open access policy. On September 11, three Wellesley faculty and librarians who have been intimately involved in both the conversations that preceded the policy’s adoption and in its subsequent implementation joined LITS staff via skype to discuss the policy

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New Interlibrary Loan Platform, ILLiad

In order to provide our patrons better access to materials, as of September 2, we are switching to a new Interlibrary Loan platform, ILLiad. This service will operate very similarly to our previous system, but will offer additional benefits.

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What’s New in Blackboard 2015

We upgraded our license level (at no extra cost) and have access to three new systems in addition to the basic Course Delivery:  Community, Content and Mobile.  There are changes and additions throughout Blackboard related to this upgrade, but we’ll focus on a few of the major new features.

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Read the Chronicle of Higher Education, Anywhere, on Any Device

Interested in reading the Chronicle of Higher Education but frustrated you can’t access all of the articles? You’re in luck!

Burke Library subscribes to campus wide access to the Chronicle. This means that everyone at Hamilton can access all Chronicle.com content (both free and premium) from virtually anywhere. The only requirement is that you create a free Chronicle account using your Hamilton email address. All premium content can be accessed by signing in to your account.

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