Mail Center

Mail Center

Instructions for finding your mailbox number and combination.

  1. Log on to your "My Hamilton" page.
  2. Go to the "Tools Tab" at the top of page.
  3. Go down to the Mail Center section.
  4. Your mailbox information with the combination will be here.

It is a good idea to save your combination on your cell phone so you always have it with you.


Instructions to opening your mailbox.

 All mailboxes are a numbered combination which go  Left-Right-Left to open.

  1. First you will turn the dial a couple of times around to the left to clear it out.
  2. Second step you will turn to the Left stopping on your first number.
  3. Third step you will turn to the Right going past your second number once and then stopping on it the second time you come to it.
  4. Forth step is to go back to the Left stopping on the third number.
  5. Fifth step is to pull outward on the dial while turning back to the right to open.