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A Forever Death

From www.barnesandnoble.com. "Sherer cuts to an immediate chase scene as Chicago series sleuth Emerson Ward (Death Came Dressed in White) tries to catch the man who just shot his long-time friend Brady, a successful commercial photographer. Brady has a little problem at work: someone has replaced a fortune in gemstones used for an advertising photo shoot with fakes. While Brady clings to life in the hospital, Emerson, looking for clues, hangs out at the photography studio and takes a part-time job at the financially troubled ad agency responsible for use of the gems. A slick narrative, quirky suspects, a fast-moving plot, and likable protagonist combine in this winner for series fans. Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information."


From http://www.michaelwsherer.com/: "A social gathering is a group of friends getting together after work for a couple of beers, or long-time acquaintances milling around the hors d'oeuvres table and the bar at Brandt's annual Christmas fete, or even four of us sitting around a bridge table on a weekday night munching cheese and crackers and trading news. But a social affair sparkles with diamonds and emeralds, glistens with Dior silks, smells of exotic perfumes, colognes, and previously uncirculated spicy rumors, tinkles with laughter and titters with chatter, shifts and swirls in eddies like the blue-gray smoke of fine cigars, slides over the palate with the double-edged bite of good cognac, leaving one just a bit breathless and giddy. It is an event to which a seemingly exclusive set of conspicuous consumers is invited -- those with townhouses in Aspen and Acapulco and two or three Mercedes are the most likely candidates. But as the old saying goes, we all know how to live rich -- it's simply that the rich have had more practice."


"Sherer's novel succeeds... it's by-the-numbers genre fare but capably written and perfectly enjoyable." ? Booklist

"A slick narrative, quirky suspects, a fast-moving plot, and likable protagonist combine in this winner for series fans." Library Journal

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