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Ancient Greek Civilization


By David Sansone ’68
Posted January 1, 2004
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In a textbook arising from “my teaching of an undergraduate lecture course on Greek civilization that I gave in a room large enough to have accommodated the entire student body of Hamilton College in 1968,” the author, a professor of classics at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, surveys the history of ancient Greek culture, including analyses of the major works of Greek literature. He particularly stresses how Greek civilization has been “continually reinvented, both in antiquity and in our own world.” Well illustrated and “reader-friendly,” it is an excellent introduction to the world of ancient Greece, not only for students in classrooms but students of history in general. Professor Sansone, incidentally, is the recipient of the 2003-04 Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising from the University of Illinois’ College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, where he has just concluded his 30th year of teaching.


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