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Haeng-ja Chung
Haeng-ja Chung

Chung Gives Invited Talk at Wako University

Posted May 26, 2009
Tags Anthropology Haeng-ja Chung
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Haeng-ja Chung was invited to give a talk at the Department of Transcultural Studies, Wako University, in Tokyo, on May 25. Her talk was titled "What Are Japanese? Who Are You?" She problematized the notion of "Japanese" nationals (kokumin) by juxtaposing the case study of the Japanese-born "foreigners" in Japan. She analyzed the fact that such "foreigners" often had to use multiple names (legal ethnic name, Japanese name etc.) in order to live the ostensibly contradictory dual identities as Japanese-born foreigners in Japan.

Chung is currently conducting research as a long-term postdoctoral fellow of Social Science Research Council and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science at the University of Tokyo.


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