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Haeng-ja Chung
Haeng-ja Chung

Chung Gives Paper at University of Tokyo

Posted January 7, 2009
Tags Anthropology Haeng-ja Chung
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Haeng-ja Chung was invited to give a paper at the Contemporary Anthropology Workshop at the University of Tokyo in November. She presented the paper "Deconstructing the Notions of 'Korean' 'Nightclub' 'Hostesses' in Japan and Proposing 'Labor Participant Observation'" in Japanese.

She highlighted diversity within Koreans in Japan and discussed the notions of "nightclub" "hostess" based upon her research, which she is currently conducting as a long-term postdoctoral fellow of the Social Science Research Council and Japan Society for the Promotion of at the University of Tokyo. She also proposed to conceptualize the "labor participant observation," in which a fieldworker participates in a field as a productive member (e.g., worker and volunteer). Chung also served as a discussant for the paper "Filipino Labor Migrants in Japan."


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