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Dobkin '69 Featured in Newsweek Article on Stroke Treatment

UCLA Neurologist Mentioned in Article "How A Brain Heals"

By Caroline O'Shea  |  Contact Sharon Rippey 315-859-4672
Posted March 29, 2004
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Bruce Dobkin '69 was featured in an article about stroke treatment in the March 8 issue of Newsweek magazine, titled "How A Brain Heals" (pg 49). Dobkin, a neurologist at UCLA, is exploring new methods of rehabilitation for stroke patients, based on the idea that the brain actually can recover function after a stroke by recruiting nearby neurons to work in the injured park of the brain. Dobkin's rehabilitation method's rely on work and practice by the patient at relearning basic skills, a process which Dobkin calls "activity-dependent plasticity." The article also mentions "Dobkin's 'Lokomat', a robot that guides [patients'] weakened limbs as they try to walk on a treadmill."


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