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Students participating in Fast-a-thon
Students participating in Fast-a-thon

USA Today Includes Fast-a-thon in Education Blog

By Vige Barrie
Posted September 10, 2010
Tags Hamilton In the News Islam Muslim Students Association
In her education blog on the USA Today website, Mary Beth Marklein reported on how some colleges have promoted religious and cultural awareness “even before Florida preacher Terry Jones announced plans to burn the Quran this weekend.” Included in a summary of how “colleges have been seeking ways to counter anti-Muslim sentiment on campus and promote understanding of religious and cultural diversity” was a description of Hamilton’s recent fast-a-thon in which 170 Muslim and non-Muslim students participated in a fast and post-fast dinner.

One of the reasons for holding the annual event is to offer non-Muslim students the opportunity to experience what Muslims practice for an entire month.


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