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Keith Willner '11
Keith Willner '11

EMTs Honored at End-of-Year Dinner

By Pat Dunn '12  |  Contact Holly Foster 315-859-4068
Posted May 9, 2011

Two members of Hamilton College Emergency Medical Service (HCEMS) were honored with awards at the annual spring EMT dinner on May 4. The dinner is held every year to honor graduating EMTs and thank them for their years of service to the Hamilton community.


Keith Willner ’11 received the Tony Katsetos Award. The award  is named for Antonio D. Katsetos ’99, who served with HCEMS from the fall of 1996 to the spring of 1999. During his six semesters as an EMT, Tony was on call for a total of 261 shifts and responded to 101 calls. The award is given to the senior who has consistently shown a high level of enthusiasm and professionalism and most embodies Tony’s dedication to HCEMS.


Lindsay Shankman ’13 was the winner of the Rookie of the Year Award. The Rookie award goes to a new EMT who has shown exemplary skills and dedication to HCEMS. The EMT has been calm and collected through extremely stressful situations and has remained in constant control.

The senior EMTs are Andrew Branting, Matthew Breen, Sam Cowan, Peter Garrett, Kathy Lee, Travis Rosenblatt, Sam Ward, Caitlyn Williams and Keith Willner.


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