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Robert Kantrowitz '82
Robert Kantrowitz '82

Kantrowitz ’82 Invited Speaker at Honor Society Induction

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Posted May 2, 2012
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Robert Kantrowitz ’82, professor and chair of mathematics, was the invited speaker at the induction ceremony for Pi Mu Epsilon and Tau Sigma Kappa on April 26 at Manhattan College in New York City.


In his talk, “How Many Numbers are There?,” Kantrowitz gave Euclid's proof of the infinitude of the prime numbers and discussed some of Georg Cantor's groundbreaking work in set theory in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 


Pi Mu Epsilon is a national mathematics honor society and Tau Sigma Kappa is Manhattan College's computer science honor society. Kantrowitz addressed the inductees and their families, along with other society members and the mathematics department faculty.


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