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CNN's Ali Veshi
CNN's Ali Veshi

Kuhn '09 Interviews Ali Velshi on Huffington Post

By Vige Barrie  |  Contact Vige Barrie 315-859-4623
Posted January 5, 2009
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Eric Kuhn '09 wrote a column for The Huffington Post on Jan. 5 in which he interviewed Ali Velshi, CNN's chief business correspondent and host of CNN's weekend business roundtable program Your $$$$$. In the article, "CNN's Ali Velshi on Getting Your Money Back" Kuhn questioned Velshi about his new book Gimme My Money Back. Kuhn also asked him what it has been like to be a reporter during this financial downturn.

Kuhn was also quoted on ABC.com's Campus Chatter in "When Your Grandfather Joins Facebook." He observed that retirement-age people are becoming more tech-savvy and are using Facebook.


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